Mobile Friendly Website – Small Business Mobile Marketing

Today there is a great big world of information to be tapped using the internet. Many businesses have built websites that can be accessed by any computer. This includes cell phones that have internet capabilities. For a business it is crucial that their website is a mobile friendly website in order to get a jump on other internet businesses that have not done this yet.

If an individual goes to the mall, out to eat, even waiting in line at the theater, what are other people doing? They are on their phones either talking, texting, or looking at things on the web.

If a business is not mobile friendly they are losing out on many potential customers.

With all the mobile phones out there that can access the Internet there are customers that want to get information fast. They are on the go and making split second decisions on their destinations. Having a cell phone friendly website can put that information at their fingertips and so much more.

With a site that is cell phone friendly, a business can offer coupons for instant savings the minute they purchase the item. This saves on time for the customer to cut paper coupons out and the money it costs a business to print and mail them. Now that is a win-win combination that benefits both business and customer.

One advantage of cell phone friendly websites is the 2d bar code. This looks like regular bar codes but it does so much more. It is used for discounts, promotions, and savings. A customer takes a picture of the code with their cell phone and instantly has access to not only savings, but also reviews of the product before they buy it.

Another mobile feature is short codes. This what is used for things like texting a person’s vote for a certain song or buying ring tones for a cell phone. They are recognized by most cell phone companies and have many uses including promotions for up coming sales.

Other features of a cell phone friendly website include Foursquare marketing, location based marketing, mobile event, and text marketing. With all these features a business has several options to drive customers to their site using less money for advertising than traditional methods.