Fast and Slow is the Business Tempo

This can be a widely discussed topic in the world of doing real Business. So many times I speak to Business owners just like you reading this article and all Business Owners seem to think that they need a quick fix to their business wound. Now I am not a dream killer nor would I be, I too have a dream and it probably is very similar to the rest of yours. But remember this, yes we ALL want it now or as quick as possible but there is also a little bit more light to shed on a business owner needing help NOW!

The process of obtaining Business financing can be a tricky trail to travel. In fact it can one of the trickiest paths of you might ever face. The problem is when you’re walking through the landmine fields trying to find your way out of the woods a typical business owner will maybe try some avenues set up some vendors, maybe get a fuel card or do something. When they find out that it can be a daunting task for them and they are up against a time clock they have established for their business needs they now look to their personal credit to suffice. Yes, this can be a useful way to obtain business credit if done the right way. It is unrealistic for a business owner to think to themselves “Hey I am a Corporation now and have a Business bank account; I should qualify to get money with no personal credit”. This can be true on a smaller level and yes there are lenders or banks that will give a Business a credit card or line of credit on a smaller level with no Personal Guarantee but they are EXTREMELY hard to find or identify.

We all at one point or another in our lives have been in the situation of we waited too long to get what we needed and now the clock has stopped ticking, it’s too late. Does this situation sound familiar to you? Does to me, I personally know of many instances of facing this same situation. It’s funny in life and business, you get to a point where you’re up against the wall and don’t know the next move your going to make right up until that final moment when you all of a sudden, BAM it comes to you and the way out of the situation is clear. It may not be what you want to do in fact it may be what you were trying to avoid the whole time but now are left no other route. Travel the path if it is there it may be the only one left.

Let’s talk about the title Fast & Slow is the Business Tempo. Again we all need a quick fix to our problems. The issue is most of the time when I work with Business owners, and they all say the same thing believe me, is that they state I should of came to you 6 months ago. Can you fix the quick need? Yes you can. Is there a way or special way to do it, yes there is TIME, period. You can’t rush the process of doing things the right way if you truly want to succeed and keep your business professional life and your personal life separated. Fast would mean a business owner needed the line of credit yesterday. Slow would be in this situation, slow it down re-evaluate and bring the business back to the ground and build your foundation properly. Part of fast & slow is simply this we all move fast paced in life and business but it is the ones that slow it down take a look around and try to weave and dodge through the landmine of both life and Business. You can do it, if your time hasn’t run out. But remember as well, some of the best ideas come to us when faced with real adversity. It is a hard knock way to learn unfortunately but it can also be one of the most valuable ways to learn and overcome. Does this put our lives or business in a bad situation sometimes, yes it does but you can recover, you can make it out and be successful. Instill in yourself the power to be able to accomplish all things weather you do them for the Business or you use the most valuable tool of delegation. We all need to know how to delegate our business dealing. It can very stressful to wear 6 different hats in Business. Very few I know how ever accomplished this feat. Maybe the only time I really saw this was when the Business was in its infant stages.

I want to close with leaving you some facts on being successful. Fact 1: Always show up for work. Doesn’t matter who is there if you’re small or large, showing up is 90% of the battle. Fact2: Be honest in your dealings with your fellow man, woman client or whatever. Being honest in what you do will come back to reward you more than you would ever know, I have seen it firsthand. Fact 3: Treat your client better than you. Some might disagree with this BUT remember the client is your blood pumping the business. It is most important to have systems in place also but without the client there would be no systems at all anyways.

Be successful in all you do. Make your work count. Make your clients feel important. And most of understand the true meaning of Fast & Slow is the Business Tempo. Thanks for your reads. Look for my next article coming soon on Business Systems and how they will help take your Business to the next level! Till we meet again take care be successful in your endeavors. Contact me for free information or questions you might have on taking your company where it should be going! As they change, we change remember that. Take care and thanks again for the reads.