E-Business Degrees Online

The Internet has revolutionized the way people do business today. With all the advantages and success stories of businesses using the Internet a new career has developed. The use of technology and the Internet to expand a business or establish a business online is referred to as e-business. Many accredited online degree paths are available in this field.

Online study is focused on teaching students about business in conjunction with constantly evolving technology. The development of these skills can be applied to a traditional business that has a physical location or to a business that operates solely online. Accredited programs teach students about the industry in two main categories, which are business and technology. The business side of the degree will immerse students in traditional business coursework, which includes:

  • marketing
  • critical thinking
  • financial analysis
  • management

The technology side of a program teaches students how to use technology for business with courses including project planning, operating systems, databases, Internet studies, and networks.

Students can gain an accredited degree from an associate’s to a master’s in business administration in e-business. To quickly enter the field an associate’s degree is highly beneficial. An associate’s degree program covers the basics in business and technology. Courses may include the study of subjects like:

  • management
  • business
  • trade terminology
  • Internet marketing
  • transaction security

However, a bachelor’s degree is typically required by employers in order to work.

A bachelor’s degree builds a solid foundation in e-business processes and procedures. Students will learn through real life e-business examples and online projects. Accredited courses will also cover Internet proficiency and system integration. A typical program may require students to take approximately 120 credit hours, which includes courses in general education, marketing, and e-business. In a marketing class students will analyze advertising as it is related to the entire business. Specific topics may include:

  • consumer’s behavior
  • marketing factors
  • developing marketing strategies

E-business courses teach how transactions between the consumer and business are handled electronically. Topics include e-business strategic planning, leveraging technology to enhance the business, ethics, and regulatory environments.

Many students continue schooling until a master’s degree or a master of business administration degree is obtained. The completion of an accredited graduate level degree programs gives students the ability to enter high level careers. These careers consist of supervisory positions and management. Courses at the graduate level of study can include:

  • dynamic innovation
  • global commerce
  • social responsibility
  • cultural sensitivity

E-business education prepares students to enter any business or organization confident and ready to contribute to the organizations goals.

Students can learn about how business and the Internet work together by choosing an accredited online degree program in e-business. Schools and colleges can full gain accreditation from agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (http://www.acics.org). Dedicated students who are interested in the art of online sales have a wide range of educational paths to choose from. Start on your path today by searching out online schools and colleges offering e-business degree programs.

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